Tax Liens List and Judgments

tax-leinTax liens lists that we offer contain many data elements to choose from. You can choose lien or judgement type, amount owed, date filed and more.

A lien is method by which a lender can secure, restrict the use of, or encumber property if debts owed are not paid in a timely fashion. A tax lien tends to refer to the government’s right to encumber property when taxes owed are not paid. This is slightly different than a tax levy, where the government seizes property and can sell it to pay back taxes. Tax liens are the right for a government to seize property and notification of this right, but the levy refers to actual seizing of property. Choosing the most updated tax liens list is key to your marketing success.

Tax Liens List

Though you may often hear of a tax lien in connection with unpaid taxes on property, organizations like the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can also use a lien as the beginning process in collecting unpaid income taxes, as can most state tax boards. Essentially the lien can exist against any “present or future property” including income you make. The existence of a lien against present or future property may result, if the taxes remain unpaid, in seizure of any and all assets to recover the tax. Most often though, a tax lien in connection with income tax results only in seizure of income via garnishment of future wages.

Tax Lien List Details: Daily compiled from County Courthouses Nationwide and updated to the master file monthly.   Available at only 12.5 cents per record in quantities of 1000 names. Additional selections fees may apply for telephone and lien type and or amount. Quantity discounts and contract pricing available. Our tax liens list has the following types of selectable lien and judgment types:

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  • Child Support Payment
  • Civil Judgement
  • Civil New Filing
  • County Tax Lien
  • Federal Tax Lien
  • Judgement Lien
  • Small Claims Judgement
  • State Tax Lien
  • State Tax Lien Renewal
  • State Tax Warrant

Filter by Tax Lien or Judgment Type, Amount Owed, Date Filed and more.

Data contains, Filing/Recording date, Amount of lien or judgment, if available, and individual or Business.